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SIA “JUMP” company established in 2011, and its founders are graduate engineers, who have gained their experience in Latvian, as well as projects in Norway and Sweden. As a priority in its activities have set the building insulation.

In Latvia is increasingly thinking about energy efficient buildings, the heating should be used as little energy or energy should not be consumed at all. To achieve this it is necessary to limit heat loss from the building and cold inflow building.

We offer solutions for improving energy efficiency in line with your wishes and financial possibilities. Starting mutual cooperation, we give advice in choosing the appropriate insulation materials and insertion type. Choosing a bulk insulation material divisions and walls, will provide high-quality building insulation, because this type of material eliminates gaps and air pockets from forming.

SIA “JUMP” offer solutions and materials with which it is possible to reduce the cold from entering the building through the floor. One of these materials is the foamglass – an ecological and environmentally friendly material which is made from recycled glass. It possesses good Thermal performance and high load resistance.

When glass recycling, are still being derived material, which in interaction with light and water creates a unique and inimitable design elements – decorative glass granules. They are suitable for a interior solutions, as well as the applicable environmental improvement.

SIA “JUMP” is a company with a high sense of responsibility of the stewardship!