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Foamglass granulate

Material characteristics


the large number of enclosed bubbles in each pellet ensures excellent insulation characteristics. Using the different TECHNOpor system solutions, Lambda values between 0,075 and 0,095 W/mK are achieved;


bulk weight is around 170 kg/m in comparison: gravel is up to 20 times heavier;

Easy to install

ist low weight guarantees rapid processing on site; delivery to the building site in Big Bags or in bulk by lorry;

On top form – for ever

resistant to ageing, non-toxic, free of smells, dimensionally stable, resistant to insects and rodents;


The closed-cell surface of the granulate prevents ground humidity being drawn by capillary action into the building structure;

Frost proof

frost shield instead of a frost barrier;

Fire proof

as per Euroclass A1;


Extremely high compression strength. Loads of around 50 t/m2 present no problem.