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Decorative stone

Floor coverings of fine fractions marble pieces held together by the solvent-free substance. Said binder absence of odors and the floor may start to use after just 12 hours.

We guarantee the highest quality:

All stone colors are natural and UV-resistant. Marble pebbles are carefully washed and dried with an air blower at rest. Through this process, it is possible to reflect the natural colors of marble. After a careful selection of raw materials is guaranteed 96% pure natural product. Artificial binder content accounts for only 4%.
Stone coating with excellent properties for interior and exterior:

natural marble;

  • easy to clean;
  • very durable;
  • UV – resistant and frost resistant;
  • for transport to the load;
  • seamless;
  • not allergic;
  • solvent free.
1. Black  2. Anthracite
001 002
 3. White  4. Yellow White
003 004
 5. Herbstrot  6. Rose
005 006
 7. Grey  8. Broombeer
007 008
 9. Coral  10. Beige
009 010