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Cavity wall insulation

The insulating material is foamed particle polystyrene in granulate form. It is produced using a volatile propellant such as pentane. The expansion of the polystyrene balls takes place at temperatures of over 100 °C and with the addition of steam. Its closed-cell structure prevents the uptake of water.
The material consists of 60 % foamed particle polystyrene in granulate form and 40% foamed particle polystyrene in powder form. The powder which is a by-product from cutting polystyrene sheets fills up the cavities between the granulate balls. This material does not have to be treated to make it water-repellent due to its closed-cell structure.



  • modern production technology
  • does not absorb water
  • does not settle, age or crumble
  • fills all gaps and cracks formed in the walls over time
  • corrosion resistant
  • economical even during deposition
  • suitable for insulating hard to reach areas
  • quick and easy deposition which does not change the visual appearance of the building
  • recyclable
Thermal conductivity W/mK 0,035
Packing m3 0,8 (800l in polyethylene bags)
Water vapor diffusion resistance µ 5
Fire reaction class (DIN 4102) B2
Settlement coefficient % ≤ 5
Capacity Kg/m3 18
Grain size mm d ≤ 6