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Mineral wool

Blowing mineral wool is non-combustible stone wool insulation for existing and new attics. With in-situ formed insulation you can easily insulate the cavities between piping and roof constructions, creating a seamless insulation layer. Stone wool-based blowing wool insulation is dry, and it doesn’t settle or shrink. Mineral wool is made from molten glass, stone or slag that is spun into a fiber-like structure. Inorganic rock or slag are the main components (typically 98%) of stone wool. The remaining 2% organic content is generally a thermosetting resin binder (an adhesive) and a little oil.

Mineral wool technical data:

Thermal conductivity W/mK 0,041
Packing Kg In polyethylene bags (15 or 23 kg in a bag)
Density of volume Kg/m3 ~35
Class of Reaction to Fire (EN 13501-1) A1
Water absorption >kg/m2 1